MIT-PoliMi Program for Early Career Researchers

The MIT-PoliMi Program aims at providing selected early career researchers (PhD students and/or research fellows) with a good awareness of emerging technologies’ ethical and social issues, which are now crucial to develop responsible technologies. In order to do that, a highly interdisciplinary training will be offered to integrate technological expertise with tools provided by the humanities and the social sciences, especially philosophy and sociology.

Participants in 2022 were be trained as a masterclass spending 2/3 weeks at Politecnico di Milano in June 2022 and 2/3 weeks at MIT in August 2022, in order to facilitate a group that can profit from sharing experiences. In addition to the masterclass activities, the participants had the opportunity both to take part in existing PhD courses focusing on responsible technologies and to be supported to plan individual meetings with:

  • faculty and research fellows with expertise in: ethics of emerging technologies (algorithms, robotics, wearable devices, power systems…); epistemology of science and technology; logic and critical thinking; philosophy of science and technology; sociology of science and technology;
  • research groups working on: biomedical technologies and AI; communication technologies and expertise transformations; epistemology and ethics of risk; ethics of autonomous vehicles; modeling ecological and environmental systems.