From 25 November to 12 December 2021 the Piccolo Teatro di Milano staged Laura Curino’s show “Big Data B&B”. The show was co-produced by Politecnico di Milano and the script was been developed by Laura Curino with the collaboration of META. 

For more information click here: Big Data B&B – Piccolo Teatro

The show aims to reach out to the civil society and raise the awareness of citizens on the need to deal with the impetuous technological development of these years, in order to keep it at the service of collective well-being and limit possible derailments of emerging technologies towards new forms of discriminations, conflicts and deprivations of individual freedom. 

Engineers and designers are increasingly becoming political subjects, who determine essential aspects of the community’s everyday life with their own choices. Like scientists, technologists should thus come out of their ivory tower, in which the strive for efficacy and efficiency excludes the consideration of so-called externalities, so as to engage with the consequences of their choices in a responsible manner.