The mission of META is to foster the development of the humanities and social sciences as a fundamental component of the education of future engineers, architects and designers at the Politecnico di Milano. For this purpose, it is committed to offer both specialized courses on philosophy and sociology of science and technology and interdisciplinary courses jointly instructed with colleagues from other fields, as well as to organize Summer and Winter Schools on dedicated topics.

The courses taught by the members of the Steering Committee include the following:

At the Bachelor and Master level:

  • Bioethics (Viola Schiaffonati)
  • Computer Ethics (Viola Schiaffonati)
  • Emerging Technologies and Societal Challenge (Paolo Volontè)
  • Ethics for Technology A (Daniele Chiffi)
  • Ethics for Technology B (Fabio Fossa)
  • Ethics Seminar (Viola Schiaffonati)
  • Filosofia della Conoscenza (Simona Chiodo)
  • Innovation Cultures and Theories (Stefano Crabu)
  • Philosophical Issues of Computer Science (Viola Schiaffonati)
  • Philosophy of Science and Technology (Giovanni Valente)
  • Power Systems: Ethical Issues and Social Impacts (Viola Schiaffonati)
  • Social Impact, Risk and Responsibility of Technology and Engineering (Luca Zanetti)
  • The Social Shaping of Technology (Chris Hesselbein)
  • Biomedical Technologies: Philosophical and Ethical Issues (Stefano Canali)

At the Doctoral level:

  • Epistemology of Scientific and Technological Research (Simona Chiodo)
  • Ethics and Technology (Viola Schiaffonati)
  • European Culture (Simona Chiodo)
  • Scientific Models: Conceptual Foundations and Philosophical Issues (Daniele Chiffi, Giovanni Valente)
  • Scientific Reasoning: Logic, Philosophy and Applications (Daniele Chiffi, Giovanni Valente)
  • Technology and Society (Stefano Crabu)
  • The Process of Research (Paolo Volontè)